August 27, 2008

Welcome to romance in the old west!

This blog will have several of your favorite old west romance authors. Check back in a couple of weeks. We're roundin' up those authors now!

THE NEWEST NEWS: Folks, we're downright tickled to have the delightful author Kathleen Y'Barbo ride along with us. Kathleen has not only authored some mighty fine books, but she also wears the hat of a publicist. She's a graduate of Texas A&M and an award winning novelist. In addition, she's a sought after speaker. This is a busy lady! To name just a few of her book titles, Texas Christmas Brides, Brothers of Outlaw Trail, Mountains, Memories and Mistletoe. To see more titles, please visit Kathleen's website at

We're pleased as peaches to let you know that author DiAnn Mills has joined us. This lovely lady has authored several terrific books, more than we can name here, so you'll want to visit her website. Here are just a few of her titles, Awaken My Heart, Lightning & Lace, Lanterns & Lace, Leather & Lace, Kiowa Husband, Mail-Order Husband, and many others. Find yourself a cozy spot and enjoy another time and place as you're swept away in one of DiAnn's novels. Call on her at her website.
She'd love to hear from you!

LATEST UPDATE! Double yeeee hawwww! Author Terry Burns is riding along in our posse! We sure are glad to have this cowboy gentleman join us. Terry is not only a terrific author, he's also a literary agent. He writes some mighty fine western novels, with characters that will stay with you long after you've finished his books. His writings include the Mysterious Ways series with the first book bearing the same name. The second and third books are Brother's Keeper and Shepherd's Son. He also authored Trails of the Dime Novel. So, saddle up! Ride on out to his website's online bookstore and settle down with a great read at

ANOTHER UPDATE! Well, we've got a wonderful surprise! Author Lena Nelson Dooley has joined our blog. As you may well know, Lena is author of several great books. She's written the four-book Minnesota Brothers series, Pirate's Prize, A Daughter's Quest, and was part of a team of writers for stories in The Spinster Brides of Cactus Corner, and Snowbound Colorado Christmas. You'll care about her characters and will reread her stories many times over. She has several other books listed on her website, so hustle on over to her website at:

Yeeee haaaawww!! We just had author Vickie McDonough ride in to join us! I don't know where she gets the energy, she's busier than a bee. Really! Vickie's historical romance, The Bounty Hunter and the Bride, was voted a favorite in the Heartsong Presents 2007 readers' contest. She currently has Virginia Brides available, and coming this fall--hang on to your bonnets--Oklahoma Brides and also A Bride by Christmas. Actually, she's got a lot more than this coming out. Just stroll on over to her website for a visit.

UPDATE! Author Jeanne M. Leach has moseyed on over and will be one of our regular contributing authors. If you're as excited as I am and can't wait for her first post, head on over to Jeanne's website. She's also a writing coach, loves mentoring new writers, and provides editorial services. So if you've got a story burning in your soul and you want to learn how you can tell it in a compelling way, look at Jeanne's services. I recommend you read her latest book, Shadow of Danger. Visit her website and make yourself at home.

And come see us again!


Vickie McDonough said...

Thanks for the invite, Tina, I'm happy to hang my shingle here.

Janice Olson said...

Hey, one of your bloggers is already spreadin’ the word that she has joined Bustles & Spurs. (Lena, you know who you are.) So I moseyed on over to take a look at the site. Can’t wait to see what y’all will come up with. Great idea.