June 29, 2009


By Stephen Bly

Many rich and famous hire live-in help, even his or her own private doctors. I happen to have my own personal live-in editor. None of my writing’s shown to the public before my wife gets a chance to red mark the hard copy. She’s been my editor since the first day I began to write. Actually, it started before that.

I was 14. She was 13. She sat behind me in Freshman English. Every week when she graded my spelling test, she changed a few mistakes so I could pass the course. She’s been correcting my spelling ever since. And a whole lot more.

When folks ask, “How did you get started writing?” I reply, “It’s all Janet’s fault.” I had no training nor desire to write, but she thought I had the ability to tell good stories and to communicate God’s truth in creative ways. So she said one day, “Is it okay if I edit your sermons and talks into articles and stories and submit them to magazines?”
I agreed. I got published.

The truth is, I’d never have published any of the 100 books and hundreds of articles and stories without her diligent editing and constant encouragement. Janet is an excellent writer on her own, with 28 books to her credit. She has the ability, far superior to mine, to find perfect words to lift the spirit and encourage the heart. When I got my first pieces in print, I suggested that her name ought to be on all of them, right alongside mine. She insisted that they bear my name alone. But the truth is, there’s a lot of Janet in everything written by Stephen Bly.

So, here’s a tip of the cowboy hat to my lifetime editor, pal, lover, friend, and wife of 46 years.

Thanks, Babe.

On a happy trail in north-central Idaho,


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Molly Noble Bull said...

Have to love a guy who truly loves his wife. She's a lucky lady, and you are a very lucky man.

brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

How sweet! You make the perfect working team.

Tina Dee Books said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful bride! And a fun story! She's a sweet, sweet lady.

Thanks for letting us get to know you both better.

Vickie McDonough said...

Sounds like God knew what He was doing when He put you two together. :)