July 23, 2009

Montana Rose

by Mary Connealy

Montana Rose was actually inspired by Janette Oke’s beautiful classic novel Love Comes Softly. Of course, I’m not Janette Oke (unfortunately for me) and my novel has taken an alarming turn to romantic comedy, suspense and chaos.

Montana Rose—Left pregnant and widowed in the unforgiving west, Cassie is forced into an unwanted marriage to rancher Red Dawson.

No decent man could turn away from Cassie and leave her to the rough men in Divide, Montana. Red Dawson can’t turn his back on the spoiled, snooty, beautiful woman. Now he’s got himself a wife he’s sure God never intended. And when he informs her there’ll be no more silk dresses and she has to do some work around the ranch he’s surprised she immediately tries to help with everything. Too bad she’s a walking disaster. His ranch may not survive her efforts to pitch in.

Now, instead of the spoiled wife he thought he was getting, he’s stuck with an overly obedient and badly incompetent one, and poor Red is so charmed by her he can’t bear to scold. He’s not much for bossing people around, anyway.

While Red tries to survive Cassie’s help and Cassie tries to use her own mind instead of meekly obeying for the first time in her life, an obsessed man plots to make Cassie his own, something he can’t do as long as Red lives.

I wrote for a long, long time before I got a book published. There came a point in my ten year journey when I sort of gave up. Not that I quit entering contests and submitting work to publishers and agents, but I gave up in the sense that I adopted a spirit of hopelessness.

It was a good thing.

I’d send out a query letter and the first three chapters with a synopsis and then I’d just think, “Well, they’ll never buy that.” And I’d start the next book.

This was a mentally healthy place for me. I mean who says the word ‘hopeless’ is a bad word? It’s gotten a reputation as a bad thing but I have to object to that. Lots of pain skipped if you have no hope. I highly recommend it to aspiring authors.

That sounds like I’m trying to be funny (sad that I’m always trying that!) But honestly there’s a different rhythm to your writing if you let the old work go and move on. Just keep writing the next thing. Your work becomes about the writing, rather than about getting published.

Yes, I’m getting to the point about Montana Rose, relax!

At some point I started not really writing for publication. Instead, I wrote to entertain myself. That was my only goal.

Forget branding. Forget ‘what’s hot in the market’. Forget targeting publishers. I’m hopeless. I’m never gonna get published anyway, I’m just going to entertain myself.

So what would be fun to write this time? I could see in my work up to the point of Montana Rose that I had this bend for over-the-top tough heroines.

I’m not sure why. I’m not tough myself. A wimp in fact. But I think being a wimp is WHY I write tough heroines. I write books about the way I wish I was. The plain talk, the aggressive woman fighting for what she wants, depending only on herself. That just appeals to me. I doubt it’s really a very good way to live. Nothing wrong with being polite, easy-going and depending on people. But since I’m all those wimpy (but nice) things, I tend to make my heroines have qualities I lack and admire.

So, since I was hopeless (yay!) and writing to entertain myself, as I finished a book about some superwoman or other, I thought, “Mary, you’re repeating yourself. You’re stale. You’re boring. Mix things up. Let’s make the heroine. . .a wimp.

I can remember actually feeling fear and even some anger about that. Forcing myself to write a character I didn’t really admire. But I wanted to see if I could make a truly different kind of characters come to life. Enter overly-submissive, doormat Cassie Griffin. Domineering tyrant husband, now dead. She’s pregnant, scared, homeless, broke, incompetent and clueless. She’s a woman without resources. Physical, emotional, mental or financial.

What is there to like about her?

The bottom line was, I didn’t really like Cassie at first. Well, that’s a bad, bad thing. So, I had my work cut out for me.

In the end I didn’t really pull it off. I mean I did pull off making Cassie likeable, in fact, I ended up adoring her. Such a sweetie. What I didn’t pull off was making her a wimp. Yes she was wimpy outwardly but—right from the start—she had a lot of fire, banked fire she didn’t express, but it was there. If you’ve liked Sophie in Petticoat Ranch and her tough Texas Cowgirl daughters, Cassie is going to be very different, but I think you’re going to just love her, and yes, I couldn’t control myself through the whole book so by the end, Cassie ended up getting pretty darned tough.

And if you think Cassie is a wimp, check out a secondary character in Montana Rose, Belle Tanner. She’s a sub-character in this book but stars in her own book The Husband Tree, book two in the Montana Marriages series.

She makes Sophie McClellen from Petticoat Ranch, look like a daisy-chain making, scatter-brained airhead. The title of that book, The Husband Tree, well, the Husband Tree is the tree under which she buries her husbands when they die. We start Belle’s book with her kicking herself for not bothering to mark the former husbands’ graves because she doesn’t want to dig up one of the worthless bums while she’s planting the new one. Because that would make her start a new hole and she has chores to do.

I just couldn’t sustain the wimpy heroine thing for two whole books.

And then in Montana Marriages book three, Wildflower Bride, this heroine, Abby, has never met a man she didn’t pull a knife on.

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brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

Mary, I want to read your book! When I wrote my first novel, No Place for a Lady, historical weren't popular, but I love reading them and just wouldn't give up! Cassie sounds like a fun but endearing character!

His Sweet Gypsy Rose said...

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful story! One of my favorite types :)

Mary Connealy said...

hi brendalottakamaggiebrendan. Great name. :)
You're name's in the drawing.

G.R.I.T.S. said...

I can't wait to read your Book!!!!! I keep seeing on all the blogs, and i can't wait!!!!! Your a great writer!! And I could read your books over and over!


Renee said...

I've been stalking Mary on blogs trying to win this book LOL! It looks terrific and sounds like a real adventure! I'm reading The Bossy Bridegroom right now and I'm lovin' it so far! Can't wait to read Montana Rose!!!

Renee said...

Awww man I forgot my email...silly me :-P


sherrinda said...

Woah...and I thought sherrindaleannketchersid was a long name! I think brendalottakamaggiebrendan beats that by a mile!!! lol

Put me in for the draw! I'd love to read Montana Rose. (And I really, really can't wait for The Husband Tree! That has got to be the best title and premise ever!)


Carrie Turansky said...

This sounds like a fun story! Montana is one of my favorite places. Thanks for the inside scoop. : )
carrie (at) turansky (dot) com

Oklahoma Girl said...

WOW!! Loved the post. Book sounds wonderful. I have been writng my first novel for about 10 yrs now. Short stories, etc keep getting in the way. LOL I am going to take your advice & write a story that I love, that I want to tell & quit worrying about the rest. Thanks!!

Look forward to reading Montana Rose.

blessed be...


sugarandgrits said...

Hi Mary,

I can't wait to read this ENTIRE series!!! I LOVED your Lassoed in Texas series! These sound even better, if that's possible! LOL

I don't think I do the "wifely submission" very well ~ I'm very stubborn and hard-headed! I have to be sure my opinions are heard. LOL My husband is very laid-back. Honestly, he even spoils me at times. *grin*

Thank you for another chance to win!


Mary Connealy said...

Hello ladies. You're all in the drawing. Thanks for wanting a copy of my book. I can hardly believe other people think I'm entertaining and not just myself. Honestly, I'm a little worried about all of us!!!


Brittany said...

Reading your blog made me interested in reading your books! Your stories aound very funny, creative, and intriguing. I can't wait to start one now!

Tina M. Russo said...

I am reading Montana Rose right now and I had no idea re the correlation to Love Comes Softly. Very interesting. I'm enjoying the book and especially Red and his real hero tenderness.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Mary,
Congrats. I am so happy that you won for Montana Rose. You are a wonderful author and deserved to win.

Mary Connealy said...

Teh correlation is well disguised, Tina. That's why I have to point it out. No one would ever guess!!!