December 05, 2009

Books - A Perfect Gift for Those on Your Christmas List

Do you know how much these authors love hearing from you? Love that you read their words?

They do!

I'd just like to share a little message, inviting you to visit these wonderful authors' personal websites and their blogs. And if you enjoy them & enjoy their novels, don't forget that books make wonderful gifts for Christmas.

Please bless your favorite authors by commenting on their blogs, their posts here, and by buying their books as gifts for family and friends.

And don't forget to write the authors and tell them how their writing has blessed you. And if you're so inclined, write their publisher and let the publisher know how you've been touched by a certain book--that way you'll keep seeing your favorite authors' novels on the bookstore shelves.

Also, did you know you can request your library to order books you'd like to read? Every library I've been to in our county is a little lean on their Inspirational novel section. So, I'm making a list and asking them to order books that not only I will enjoy, but the whole community. Consider requesting your library purchase books written by the authors you see here on Bustles And Spurs.

Thank you for visiting with us. We really do love that you spend time here.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

Tina Dee
PS: The authors had no idea I'd post this, they are not soliciting you, but I am. They are such a blessing and color our world wonderfully with their characters and stories. I just want to support each of them in any way I can. Lord bless you all and keep you & yours safe.


Katey said...

I have heard that you can request the library for books. I should do that for the books that I try and find that are not there.

Have a wonderful Christmas also.

Tina Dee Books said...

Hi Katey,

Yes, our libraries don't have enough Inspirational novels--a few really old ones, but there's so much good reading out there now.

Thanks for doing that!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Vickie McDonough said...


Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to promote Christian fiction. I appreciate you!

Tina Dee Books said...

Thanks, Vickie!

I love each one of you here on Bustles, and so many more for sharing a message of hope, love, romance, and adventure in your books. It's an honor to do anything I can for y'all! I'm looking for ways to do more.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Edna said...

I love book and look at the blogs I follow every day and usually write a comment, if I win a book I have started sending them a thank you card and something I make on my embroidery machine, I really appreciate them and can't stand for them to talk about e-books and reading on a kimble (or what ever it is called) I love to hold a book in my hand and to read the inserts and about the authors, I feel as though I know them personally.

Merry Christmas


Molly Noble Bull said...

Good article, Tina. Thanks for all your do.

Tina Dee Books said...

Edna, you are so sweet! You just don't know how much that's appreciated.

I'm with you, I cozy up to a book for about 20 minutes after I crawl into bed. And I like the old fashioned paper books (paperback trade size is my favorite)

Lord bless you!

Tina Dee Books said...

Thank you, Molly. I love the hearts of you all. And it's so fun to go on the adventures in those old westerns, prairie, or frontier stories.


Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Bless you, Tina! Thank you for enlightening readers on our behalf. I am a librarian and an author, and in writing and finishing my first book, I thought that was where all the joy was. I had no idea how rewarding it was to hear from readers-- how the story impacted them, how they couldn't put the book down, etc. Most readers don't realize how much writers enjoy hearing from them, so thank you for encouraging them to respond. And yes, librarians do take readers' book recommendations very seriously-- especially in these days of tight budgets and limited resources.
With kindest regards,
Donna Van Cleve

Tina Dee Books said...

Thank you, Donna! I'm so glad that we can ask our libraries to order books. And, if a reader's budget is tight and they request a book be ordered for their branch or library system, that still benefits everyone--reader, library, publisher, author--it's all good.

So please folks, don't be shy about requesting books be ordered by your library. And please order books by these great authors, or any Christian author you enjoy. We need to fill more shelves.

Happy New Year all!