March 20, 2010

The Lure of the Fan

by DiAnn Mills

Earlier this month, I was on staff for a library conference. One of the speakers was a delightful white-haired lady who demonstrated how to flirt with a fan. It occurred to me that readers and writers alike would enjoy the unspoken language and its love messages. 

I have no idea where she found the following information, but I’m writing it directly from her handout - and utterly fascinating display of historical flirtation!

Carry the fan in your right hand in front of your face  - Follow me!
Carry the fan in your left hand in front of your face - I want to meet you
Place the fan on your left ear  - Go away
Run your fingers through the fan’s ribs - I want to talk to you
Twirl the fan in your left hand  - We are being watched
Twirl the fan in your right hand  -  I love someone else
Carry the fan closed and hang it from your left hand  - I’m engaged
Carry the fan closed and hang it from your right hand  - I want a finance
Draw the fan through your right hand - I don’t like how your are behaving
Draw the fan across your cheek - I love you
Present your fan shut - Do you love me?
Draw the fan across your eyes - I am sorry
Close your fan  -  I wish to speak to you
Rest the fan on your right cheek - Yes
Rest the fan on your left cheek  - No
Drop your fan - We will be friends
Fan your fan slowly - I am married
Fan your face quickly - I am in love
Bring the fan’s handle to your lips - Kiss me
Open your fan wide - Wait for me
Use the fan to hit any object - I’m impatient

I’m still laughing about this subtle approach to flirting. But if everyone knew what these different positions meant, then everyone understood the message!

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Casey said...

How interesting and funny! Did the guys know as well as the gals what all those meant? I would get confused and have someone hating me when I wanted to be kissed! LOL. :D

Brenda said...

I thought that was interesting, and hysterical! I love books written about the old west, etc.
I love all of your books too!

dancealert at aol dot com

Stephen Bly said...

DiAnn: Fascinating info to include for your characters! Thanks for the fun read.
On the trail,