April 19, 2010

A Woman Called Sage by DiAnn Mills

Howdy all you cowpokes and cowgirls! I’m currently writing my next historical A Woman Called Sage for Zondervan. This gal’s a bounty hunter and she’s tough. But she’s all woman too. 

Oh, I hear what you’re saying--mumbling . . . There were no female bounty hunters in the 19th century. But I beg to differ with you! Sage is alive and real on the pages of my novel. Just ask her. Although I’m not so sure I’d want to rile her, but you go right ahead. She does real well with a pair of Colts and a Winchester

I’ve put together a little interview with Sage and thought you might enjoy some of her responses. If you have any additional questions, stick it in the comments and I’ll see if she’ll give you an answer.

DiAnn: What’s your full name?

Sage: Sage Elizabeth Morrow

DiAnn: When does A Woman Called Sage open?

Sage: You should know. You’re writing it, but it’s 1878.

DiAnn: What else can you tell me about yourself?

Sage: What do you need it for?

DiAnn: To share with my readers.

Sage: How’s come Terry Burns isn’t interviewing me?

DiAnn It’s not his turn, and this is my story.

Sage: Oh, you’re a bit feisty. Good. I like that.

DiAnn: Can we get back to you?

Sage: Sure.

DiAnn: Where are you now?

Sage: In the Rocky Mountains in a town called Rocky Falls. It’s not a real place, but it’s close to Estes Park.

DiAnn: How did you become a bounty hunter?

Sage: If I tell you that, will your readers still want to read about me?

DiAnn: I think so.

Sage: The question isn’t how. It’s why. I saw men murder my husband, and the local law wouldn’t do anything about it. Made me mad. Real mad.

DiAnn: So you’re looking for the killers?

Sage: Wouldn’t you? Oh, I forget you live in the age of modern technology. You’d get Online and hire a private detective.

DiAnn: Can you tell us anything about the hero?

Sage: Maybe his name. Everything else is personal. A woman does have a right to her privacy. His name is Parker Moses Timmons.

DiAnn: What’s he do?

Sage: Pressing your luck, aren’t you? All right, he’s a sheriff. And I normally don’t like sheriff’s, but he’s different. Read the book, you’ll see.

DiAnn: Anything unusual about you?

Sage: I love animals, and I have a pet hawk. Goes with me everywhere. Did you know that a hawk can see a mouse from a mile away?

DiAnn: Thanks for the info. What’s the hawk’s name?

Sage: Hawk

DiAnn: Does your horse have a name?

Sage: I don’t ride a horse. I ride an Indian pony. His name is Pony.

DiAnn: Figures.

Sage: What?

DiAnn: Never mind. What do you wear?

Sage: Men’s clothes. Sigh I do remember the days of pretty dresses and ribbons and bonnets.

DiAnn: Do you intend to be a bounty hunter forever.

Sage: At least to the end of the book.

DiAnn: Any advice to our readers who envision a career as a bounty hunter?

Sage: It’s a lonely job—like a writer. Make sure you can ride a horse. Do the target practice thing. Learn how to trail an outlaw. Make sure you know the difference between edible plants and poisonous ones. And don’t fall in love.

DiAnn: Thank you, Sage, for allowing us to be a part of your life.

Sage: Oh, this is nothing. Wait ‘till the book comes out.

DiAnn: And when can readers purchase A Woman Called Sage?

Sage: Zondervan’s releasing it in May 2010. You might want to repeat this interview before then. Readers might forget me. And when you do, make sure you add the book cover.

DiAnn Mills
A Woman Called Sage
Releases May 1, 2010


Winter said...


I do believe I'm going to love this book. Got my copy and getting ready to crack into it.

Sage sounds like my kind of heroine.

Stephen & Janet Bly said...

DiAnn: Loved your interview of your character. Great idea! Beautiful cover too!

Tina Dee Books said...

I can't wait to read it A WOMAN CALLED SAGE.

Great interview!

Connie Sue said...

Wowzers....Sage sounds like a woman to be reckonded with. I can't wait to meet her...er...read about her!

Edna said...

The cover of the book looks great and I love to read so this book will be on my list to buy,