May 13, 2010

Where In the World Did You Find That Information?

Writing historical novels set in any time period isn't just dashing off a story that seems to fit and hoping for the best. It takes diligence in being sure you have the correct information about a number of things--clothing, society, manners (or the lack thereof), language, transportation, food. This list could go on and on.

As a diligent author of historical novels, I've compiled a large file with links of sites on the Internet where you can get authentic information. I'm going to share a few with you today.  - libraries  - historical newspapers  – Hill Country Texas historical articles  - digitized magazines, newspapers, etc.  - history of men’s undergarments  - all kinds of information in the Library of Congress  - history of Western Union  - wonderful site for 19th century phrases

Have a ball using these sites for research. My file contains many, many more. Historical authors should really create a file similar to this for when they need more detailed information. Remember that not every site on the Internet has accurate details, and never use Wikipedia as a primary source. Be sure you find other reputable sources to back up the information.
- Lena Nelson Dooley, author of Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


Sherrinda said...

Wow! This is an amazing treasure for research! I've bookmarked this post for future reference! Thank you soooo much!

Vickie McDonough said...

Wowzers, Lena! Thanks for sharing these great links.