June 27, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Texas


by Molly Noble Bull 

Here I go again, bragging about my home state, but there are still things I haven’t told you about Texas. The photo above was taken by my grandmother around 1922 on the Santa Rosa Ranch in South Texas, and the three girls are picking Bluebonnets, a particularly lovely blue wildflower.  

 Bluebonnets and Indian Pinks are both wildflowers and native to Texas. 
Only today, Indian Pinks are often called Indian Paintbrushes.

The Pecan is the state tree of  Texas. The state flower is, you guessed it, the Bluebonnet, and the state song is titled “Texas Our Texas.” However, my favorite song about Texas is one we sang in elementary school called “Beautiful, Beautiful Texas.”
It goes like this. 

.  Beautiful, Beautiful Texas.

 Molly's husband snapped this shot near the top of a hill
in the Texas Hill Country --  west of San Antoine.

.  The most beautiful state that I know. 

 Tubing on the Frio River near Concan, Texas.       

.  We are proud of our forefathers, who fought at the Alamo.
.  You may live on the plains . . . 

 Some parts of Texas are flat and dry.

.  Or the mountains.

 Big Bend National Park near Alpine. Texas. 

.  Or down where the sea-breezes blow. 
.  But you’ll still be in beautiful Texas.

 Another shot of Big Bend National Park.

.The most beautiful state that I know.

 Taken from the deck at Neal's Cafe in Concan, Texas.


Tina Dee Books said...

Wow, it really is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Molly. If I had to guess, I'd say you love Texas! I hope to see it again someday and enjoy in person some of the lovely scenes you've shown.

Molly Noble Bull said...

There are some spots in Texas, Tina, that aren't as pretty as the photos that go with my article seem to suggest. It's really the people that make Texas special and not the look of the land at all. In fact, the people are the most beautiful thing about my state.
God bless Texas, and God bless America.

Vickie McDonough said...

I loved the pictures, Molly. I visited Texas in early April and blue bonnets were blooming. They are gorgeous!! Such a pretty shade of blue.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Vickie. I'm glad you liked the photos.