July 29, 2010


STEPHEN BLY (with wife, Janet)

Janet and I have gone to New Mexico many times to visit and to do research. We love that state. I keep finding places I’ve never seen. The only other place I’ve been that possesses the incredible layers of culture stacked one upon the other. . .is Rome!

Think about it. In New Mexico you can find. . .pre-historic Indian culture. . .Puebla India culture. . .nomadic Indian culture. . .Spanish culture. . .Mexican culture. . .

trader culture. . .cowboy culture. . .territorial culture. . .prospector culture. . .frontier military culture. . .railroad culture. . .big mining culture. . .homestead culture. . .the outlaw culture. . .farming culture. . .atomic energy culture. . .art culture. . .tourist culture. . .and now, computer chip culture. In addition, in some places, they’re only a few blocks apart.

Plus, there’s historic Route 66. It runs through Albuquerque, the setting for my newest release, Cowboy For A Rainy Afternoon. Albuquerque was named the best city for film making by MovieMaker magazine. 

Climate’s a draw for many residents of New Mexico. Near the turn of the last century, this city was touted as healing and had those who suffered with breathing problems travel from distant places to live here. At one time, 1/3 of Albuquerque’s population  consisted of those with TB or other respiratory diseases. Many sanitariums were established to accommodate them.

If you haven’t been to The Land of Enchantment lately, I advise you to go. . .as a vacationer, as a writer.


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Vickie McDonough said...

I've driven through of New Mexico, but I haven't gotten to go and just see that state. I hope to do that one of these years.