August 14, 2010

Cowboy Advice

What is it that people find so appealing about cowboys? They worked long, hard hours in the saddle and sun, baking their skin as tough as saddle leather. They rarely wasted water to take a bath and probably worked up a stink only disguised by the stench of their horses and the cattle they herded. And yet, there’s something compelling and intriguing about the American icon.

Maybe the answer lies in the cowboy code and the era that he lived. It was a time when a man’s word carried value, a time when there was pride and honor in having a good name, a time when a man protected what was his, especially his woman. He was a friend to any and all and could be counted on to deliver.

We’ve all heard of the Cowboy Code—a code of honor, of love for God and country, but I stumbled across something I hadn’t seen before while working on this article, The Lone Ranger’s Creed. I found it inspiring and wanted to share it with you.

The Lone Ranger’s Creed
·         I believe that to have a friend, a man must be one
·         That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world
·         That God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself
·         In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for that which is right
·         That a man should make the most of what equipment he has
·         That "this government, of the people, by the people, and for the people," shall live always
·         That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number
·         That sooner or later...somewhere...somehow...we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken
·         That all things change, but the truth, and the truth alone lives on forever
·         I believe in my Creator, my country, my fellow man

I’m on a looming book deadline but didn’t want to shirk my duty to Bustles and Spurs, so I thought I’d do something quick and easy this month and decided it might be fun to share some sage cowboy advice.

* There’s many theories about arguin’ with a woman. None of them work.

* It’s hard to put a foot in a closed mouth.

* The challenge is not always saying what you mean, but to say it with as few words as possible.

* No matter where you go, there you are.

* If somebody outdraws you, boy, walk away. There’s plenty o’ time to look tough when your outta’ sight

* Never kick a cow patty on a hot day.

* Scars are cowboy tattoos with better stories.

* Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.

* Don’t worry ‘bout bitin’ off more than you can chew, your mouth is bigger’n you think.

* Letting the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than gettin’ her back in.

* If you get thrown from a horse, you have to get up and get back on, unless you landed on a cactus; then you have to roll around and scream in pain.

* Good judgment comes from experience, & a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

* If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

Pretty sound advice, huh? I hope some of these made you laugh, but don’t overlook the deeper meaning in many of them.

I can’t hit the trail without telling you about my new release. Second Chance Brides, the sequel to The Anonymous Brides, is the second book in my Texas Boardinghouse Brides series. It releases September 1st and tells the tale of two mail-order brides who are stranded in Texas after the man they came to marry, weds another woman. Neither wish to return home, so they must find a job or find another man to marry.

So, do you have a favorite cowboy saying? Or maybe a favorite TV cowboy?

Happy trails!

Vickie McDonough


JackieW said...

I loved the cowboy bits of wisdom...especially the one about if you fall off a horse and land in cactus . HA I remember going to the Saturday matinee movies with my grandmother and watching the old black and white cowboy movies -Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Lash LaRue and The Lone first coloring book was a giant Gene Autry one...I cherised it. Visiting the Gene Autry museum in LA was a trip back to my childhood..I loved it.

brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

I love these quotes. I'm enjoying The Anonymous Bride!

Vickie McDonough said...

Jackie, I don't remember going much to the movies as a kid, except to see Disney shows, but I watched lots of westerns on tv with my dad. My grandma LOVED Bonanza but always called it Lorenzo. She never did get the name right. :)

Maggie, I had fun finding these quotes. There's a lot of wisdom in some of them. Glad you're enjoying TAB. :)

A J Hawke said...

Hi Vicki,

I have always loved all things cowboy. My first memory of going to a movie was with my whole family, including my father who was working as a cowboy in west Texas when he met Mom, and seeing a Roy Rogers for the first time. I was hooked.

Thoroughly enjoyed this post.

A J Hawke

Caroline Clemmons said...

I was in love with Roy Rogers as a little girl. I was crushed when I realized he married Dale Evans instead of waiting for me. LOL

A saying that's funny: Don't squat with your spurs on.