October 29, 2010


Stephen Bly

One fan e-mail stands out today. . . from Andi: “Do you have a favorite book of yours?”

That question’s asked a lot. My favorite is most often the one I’m writing today, because it’s in my head right now. If she’d asked me last week, wife Janet and I did the final edits and sent to the editor Throw The Devil Off The Train. That novel will be released next March 2011. I’ve been full of the scenes of the adventures on the very long train ride from Omaha to Sacramento in 1880.

I can still hear that poignant, romantic discourse when Catherine Goodwin says to Race Hillyard:

"You know, yesterday I held you in deep disgust." 

"Has that changed?" 

"Yes, today I hold you in mediocre disdain."

Stuart Brannon's 1st book
But this week. . .ah, I’m writing a proposal for a final story featuring my favorite and most prominent character, Stuart Brannon (a cameo reference appears in most every novel I write, no matter whether it’s historical or contemporary). Instead of riding the range, Brannon will be driving a fairway. Yep, old cowboy Stuart will be on a golf course in 1906. . .and hating every minute of it. But I’ll love writing his story. . .and playing golf during breaks. That’s where Stuart and I differ. Maybe I’ll call it Stuart Brannon’s Last Shot.

To tell you the truth, I never wrote a boring book. Every plot and quirky character who pops up has made the writing trail fun, exciting, packed with action and heart. Each release has been a thrill. All the 104 books are great. . .to me, that is. They’re like my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They’re my heritage, the only inheritance I’ll leave.

I realize not every reader’s as enthused as I am. That’s okay. But each writer must be convinced of the quality of his or her own work. We strive to do our best, at that moment, that phase of creation and development. If I think a scene’s boring, I delete it. If a character’s not working, not moving the story along, out she goes. Only what I consider the best stuff survives. Then, I draw upon courage and take the incredible risk that someone else out there in the wild blue yonder will think so too. Enough to buy the book. And pass the word around.

How do you determine your favorite book?


Connie Sue said...

I have to agree Steve, that ALL of your books have kept me captivated and not wanting the stories on those characters to end. I am excited to hear that good ole Stuart Brannon will be back with a a story of his own. The legacy you will leave for all of our family is one of deep love, giving, availability and never wavering from your deep commitment to our Loving Heavenly Father. He is your number 1 priority and all the others fall into the place He would have them be.

For myself....always seems to be the book I am reading that has captured me....outside of Bly Books (which are ALWAYS #1 to me) I have to say that Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes has gotten my attention and stayed there even after I completed the story. I love how Gina pointed us to Christ throughout and had the story be so appropriate for today and any time in life. A "must read" for all! Blessings, Connie Sue

Stephen Bly said...

Connie Sue: Thanks so much for your comments. Appreciate your input and your enthusiasm for Bly books!

On the trail,

jtwebster books said...

I have just come home from a school fair with a copy of Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing. It was a surprise to see the same cover on your blog.
It will be my first Bly read and I'm sure looking forward to it.

Trinity Rose said...

Steve I can't wait to read this book of Stuart. It is always wonderful to read about him in your books. It will be fun to see what he's up to now.
A book that keeps my attention from the second I start reading it until I'm done is a book that will be a favorite. Some books just keep calling you back to read them every free second you have. Steve's books are like that.
Trinity Rose

Caroline said...

Love your enthusiasm for your own books & your reasoning behind it. You're a great author & I introduced my boys to your books years ago. :)


Stephen Bly said...

JtWebster, Trinity Rose, Caroline: Thanks so very much for the comments. Does my heart good...and encouragement to keep at it!