December 20, 2010

The Fire in Ember - Interview by DiAnn Mills

by DiAnn Mills
DiAnn Mills

With the January release of the historical, The Fire in Ember, I’ve decided to interview Ember for this month’s blog. If you’ve read A Woman Called Sage, you met John Timmons, a young man who had the responsibility of caring for his widowed mother and four younger brothers. He also made a few mistakes in an effort to care for those he loved.
            The time period for the new novel is a few years later, and John is still consumed by work and providing for his family. He’s also a deputy sheriff, which feeds into his caretaker personality.
            So let’s get started with the interview. Ember is a little feisty, so I can’t guarantee if she’ll answer my questions.

DiAnn: How did you meet John Timmons?
Ember: That wasn’t the best day of my life. He saved me from a hanging. I had the misfortune of riding a stolen horse?
DiAnn: Why were you riding a stolen horse?
Ember: That’s personal and not something I want to discuss.
DiAnn: Okay. So what was your first impression of John?
Ember: He’s a good shot. But he needs to smile more. Of course, I didn’t put him into a pleasant mood.
DiAnn: What about his family?
Ember: They’re wonderful—I loved them all right from the start. His brothers are great, and his mother is the sweetest, wisest woman I know.
DiAnn: Can you tell us when you and John began to see that there was something more than friendship between you?
Ember: First he had to get past despising me.
DiAnn: Do you care to tell us about that?
Available January 2011
Ember: No. You can read about it. We had a rough beginning, a rougher middle, and just when I thought our problems had been worked out, the situation grew worse.
DiAnn: Was there ever a time when you didn’t like him?
Ember: Oh no. He had my heart right from the beginning, although I fought it.
DiAnn: I understand you play the fiddle?
Ember: I do. Music helps me forget about the things I can’t change.
DiAnn: Back to the stolen horse—
Ember: We’re not talking about that. I have a shadowed past.
DiAnn: Would you tell us a little about the cattle thieves?
Ember: Nope. Interview done. I have things to do. I don’t mean to be rude, but if I answer all of your questions, then why would anyone read my story?
DiAnn: Thanks, Ember, and I appreciate your concern. The Fire in Ember will be available for you in January.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


April said...

Great post. Book sounds exciting.

Raquel Byrnes said...

If the interview is anything like the voice in the novel, then I'm in...she sounds like a spitfire. =)
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Tina Dee Books said...

I just got my copy and the first line is intriguing!

I'm wrapped up in this book, DiAnn. Love the characters.