May 20, 2011

Ida Sinclair: The Star of Too Rich for a Bride

By Mona Hodgson

Good day, Cowgirls and Cowpokes!

WaterBrook Press officially released Book Two in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series this month. Too Rich for a Bride is now available in traditional book form, as an E-book, and as an audio book.

In preparation to write Ida Sinclair’s story, I interviewed her. I thought you might enjoy a glimpse at who Ida was before she left Portland, Maine to join her sisters Kat and Nell in Cripple Creek. 

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Who are you?           
I am the big sister, the oldest daughter, the responsible one. I’m the one who makes things happen for other people. Isn’t this what the first-born does?

What do you want?
I want to make things happen for myself. I want to be a successful businesswoman, respected for my abilities and my hard work.

You expect to do that in a mining town out West?
            You think it’s wrong for me to want success in the world of business, to earn my own money?

No, but it’s certainly not going to be easy. I only wanted to clarify your intentions for your fans.
            My fans?

Yes, the Sinclair sisters—each of you--have a following of readers who care about you and your journey. What has your life been like since your mother died?
            The moon was high when I heard my father crying. I rushed into the hallway outside my parents’ bed chamber. Dr. Haufbauer stood there rocking back and forth, shaking his head and puffing his pipe. Ever since then, I’ve felt responsible for my father’s well-being and my sisters’ care. Now it’s time for me to follow my dream.

Have you left any room for romance in your plans? Do you believe in love?    
            Although I would like to eventually find love and wed, I’m not searching for a man. Right now romance would be a distraction I can’t afford. If I ever do decide to pursue love and marriage, it’ll be after I’ve found success in business.

What about your father’s wishes that you and your sisters find a man in Cripple Creek, Colorado who can provide for you?
            Father isn’t in Cripple Creek. He’s busy working in Paris. Besides, I’m not one of the daughters he was worried about. He knows I can take care of myself. Soon, I’ll prove it to him.

What has your life been like since your father moved to Paris?
            Focused and lonely. I take my business courses in the mornings and work in the school’s office in the afternoons. Aunt Alma’s house is comfortable, but cluttered. Vivian has a beau, but you don’t want to get me started on him. Anyway, between Vivian’s schooling and her fascination with Gregory, she’s too busy for much more than a Sunday checkers game with her big sister.

What one word would you use to describe the following people?
Kat – wordsmith
Nell – homemaker
Vivian – Vivacious
Father – Steady
Aunt Alma - Entertaining

What word would you use to describe yourself?

What word would your sisters use to describe you?

What word would your father use to describe you?

How would you describe your relationship with God?
It’s more a battle for control, than a relationship.       

Ida, now that you’ve been in Cripple Creek for a while, has your perspective changed any?   
One, you should know, you wrote the book. Two, my story says it all, and I don’t want to spoil the read for the Sinclair sister fans.

Ida Sinclair has joined her sisters, Kat and Nell, in the untamed mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado for one reason: to work for the infamous but undeniably successful businesswoman, Mollie O’Bryan. Ida’s sisters may be interested in making a match for their determined older sister, but Ida only wants to build her career.
Under Mollie's tutelage, Ida learns how to play the stock market and revels in her promising accomplishments. Fighting for respect in a man's world, her ambition leaves little room for distractions. She ignores her family's reservations about Mollie O'Bryan's business practices. No matter how she tries, she can't ignore the two men pursuing her affections—Colin Wagner, the dashing lawyer, and Tucker Raines, the traveling preacher.

As you read in her interview, Ida wants a career more than anything else, so she shrugs off the suitors and pointed "suggestions" that young ladies don’t belong in business. Will it take unexpected love—or unexpected danger—for Ida to realize where her priorities truly lie?

To read the first chapters of Two Brides Too Many and Too Rich for a Bride and to watch the videos, go to Click on Mona’s Novels, then on Sneak Peek.

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Marianne said...

Just did a review on this novel for Waterbrook. Loved it! Thanks for sharing

Mona Hodgson said...

Thanks, Marianne. I appreciate your reading Ida's interview here and writing a review for Too Rich for a Bride.

Emily said...

I absolutely loved Two Brides Too Many. I finished it on the way home from the writer's conference. Ida intrigued me at the beginning of the book. She sounded like the kind of character I could relate too - stubborn. I can't wait to read her story =)

Mona Hodgson said...

Hey, Emily. So glad you're enjoying the Sinclair sisters. I'm excited for you to read Ida's story.
Hugs, Mona

Vickie McDonough said...


I really enjoyed your first book and look forward to seeing what happens to the next sister. This was a fun interview.

Keli Gwyn said...

I enjoyed Too Brides Too Many. As an oldest sister myself, I've been eagerly awaiting Ida's book and look forward to reading it.

Mona Hodgson said...

Hi Vickie,
I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Reading!

Mona Hodgson said...

Hey, Keli!
As one oldest sister to another, it'll be fun to hear what you think of Ida's story.
Thanks for reading!

jtwebster books said...

Hi Mona,
I really enjoyed your post. A great idea to interview Ida. I have just bought both Cripple Creek books (ebooks) and can't wait to read them.
I'll write a review on my blog as soon as I'm finished them.

Nancy Oswald said...

Just found out about your blog via a WWW post. I write MG/YA, and my most recent book is set in Cripple Creek. Can't wait to read about IDA. BTW, what year is is set in?


Mona Hodgson said...

Hi JT!
Bless you for buying the first two Sinclair sisters books. Happy reading. I appreciate your plans to review them on your blog too.

Mona Hodgson said...

Hi Nancy,
How fun that we have a Cripple Creek connection. TWO BRIDES TOO MANY and TOO RICH FOR A BRIDE are set in 1896 and 1897. The next two in the series are set in 1897 and 1898.

Eunice Boeve said...

Just discovered your blog on the WWW list serve. Your stories sound interesting,so I'll have to check them out. I write historical fiction as well. I also have a blog and am giving away books. Comment on my latest blog, A Native American Tale,and I'll enter your name in the drawing. But hurry, the contest ends Wed. evening.

Mona Hodgson said...

Hi Eunice,
Thank you for reading Ida's interview. I appreciate your interest in the Sinclair Sisters' stories.
Happy reading!

Carla Olson Gade said...

Great interview of Ida! How much fun to get to know her this way!

Mona Hodgson said...

Hi Carla,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Ida. I had fun giving you an early glimpse of her journey.

kristen said...

Ida's interview was so fun to read! Thanks for posting it.
Please enter me.

Mona Hodgson said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed getting to know Ida prior to her big journey.