May 28, 2011


by Molly Noble Bull

This month, I’d planned to post an interview with a country werstern singer who is also a cowboy and a lawyer. But I was unable to get all the info I needed in time. So make a note to meet right back here on June 27, 2011 to read that interview and hear some great country werstern songs. My days here are the 27th and the 28th of each month.
In the meantime, stop by Writers Rest and read some of my other articles.

Below is a photo of me taken in front of a red barn at the Santa Rosa Ranch in South Texas. I am the girl in your right and was twelve years. My friend, Barbara, was eleven.


Molly Noble Bull said...

It was windy on the day that photo was taken of me at the ranch. In fact, it is always windy in South Texas because we are so near the Gulf of Mexico.

Teresa Slack said...

Love seeing old pics. Esp those that show the old town or surrounding area. An old friend of ours has one of her as a baby in a set of hanging scales they used in apothecaries. Anyone know which ones I'm talking about?

Caroline said...

Molly, always enjoy your posts, & today the pic. Love old pictures; get my imagination soaring. :)