June 13, 2011

A Tribute to Our Friend and Fellow Blogger - Stephen Bly

Our dear brother in Christ preceded us to glory this last week. He meant a lot to all of us. He opened up the old West to us in a different way, with a deeper look inside. If you want to read all of his posts, just click on his name in the links attached to the previous post. You'll begin to understand just what he meant to the group here at Bustles and Spurs. If you want to help support his widow Janet, please go to this web site and order some of his books. http://www.blybooks.com/ You'll love them, and they make wonderful gifts.

I only knew Stephen as an online friend, but I'd come to respect him as an amazing man of God, as a husband and partner to Janet, as a very professional author, and a writer of interesting stories with lots of depth. I will miss him. I read every post he wrote on this blog, and I often featured him on my own blog.

In giving a tribute to him, I wanted to include what some of my friends had to say about him:

I once heard Stephen teach a workshop about writing a scene in a completely new way: just write the dialogue you hear between the characters, then go back and add the action beats and descriptions. Of course he demonstrated this on a scene with about 8 characters and it sounded like utter chaos. :)

I haven't blogged since February, what with getting married and moving and mothering five kids, but the love I have for Stephen and his family brought me out of "retirement." If any of you wish to get a glimpse of his sense of humor, you can read about him here: a small tribute to a great man.

Christina Tarabochia (formerly Christina Berry)
Carol Winner & Christy Finalist 2010 ~ The Familiar Stranger(Moody Publishers) Order now!

In addition to being a fine writer, Stephen was generous in sharing his knowledge. When I came to him with a question, he didn't know me, but he was willing to take time looking through his library for me and gave a thoughtful, helpful answer.
Susan Page Davis

Stephen Bly—cowboy, gentleman, awesome storyteller, friend, lover of his wife and family, pastor, and so much more—has gone home to be with the Lord. The world is a lesser place with his passing, but heaven is having a party! I shall miss this dear brother in Christ.

Robin Lee Hatcher
Faith. Courage. Love.
"Robin's stories are always an adventure of the heart! " –– Karen Kingsbury

Stephen's hearty laugh always lifted me, made me smile too. I respected his approach to life and his determination to continue God's purpose for his life until the very end.
DiAnn Mills

As you can see, Stephen was well-loved will be sorely missed. We know he's enjoying being with Jesus and meeting all those who went before whose lives he changed through him ministry and his writing.

Lena Nelson Dooley


Christina Tarabochia (formerly Christina Berry) said...

Lena, thanks for gathering these. Something about communal grief is so holy and makes my heart much lighter.

Janet Bly said...

Thank you so much for these kind tributes. Today would have been 48 years together for us. Made my heart happy to see these notes from friends.

csthankful said...

What a blessed day this is. I remember your wedding day well and am thankful to have been a part of your lives all these years. I am very thankful for Steve's influence in my life. Can't ask for more!