June 27, 2011


And a tribute to Stephen Bly

By Molly Noble Bull

An artesian water well on the Santa Rosa Ranch in Kenedy County, Texas

An aquifer could be described as soft, porous rock in layers and just below the service of the ground that takes in and soaks up water. My husband and I lived in the Texas hill country west of San Antonio for over twenty years where an underground lake, called the Edwards Aquifer, constantly flowed under our feet.
In drought-filled South Texas where I was born and where we live today, water was often a problem. While a plentiful supple of water was just below the surface in the Texas hill country, ranchers drilled deep wells to find water for their animals and their families in South Texas. Often one drought melts into the next one.
But some ranchers, even in South Texas, were fortunately enough to have a flowing supply of water called an artesian well at some locations on their land. Above is a photo taken in the nineteen thirties or forties of an artesian well on the Santa Rosa Ranch in Kenedy County, Texas.

I cannot end this article without mentioning author Stephen Bly who recently relocated to Heaven. Each month, my Bustles and Spurs articles were right before his, and he often left comments after my posts. I will miss his kindness, but his talent for storytelling will go on and on.


Molly Noble Bull said...

I hope everyone will buy and read Stephen's books.

csthankful said...

Never too late to read all of Stephen and Janet's books. You wil be blessed

Teresa Slack said...

Love these articles & old photos. Thanks for the info. Stephen will be missed by so many.

Cecelia said...

Yes, Stephen was a dear man and he will be missed. I hosted him on my blog a number of times and I've had some conversations with him online.

I also found your article informative, Molly.

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing everybody. I will tell all of your a secret. My grandmother took the photo of the artesian well a long time ago.

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Fascinating--I do love hisotry. Thanks for sharing, Molly.

Jane Myers Perrine

DiAnn Mills said...

Great blog, Molly. Stephen is missed, but his legacy lives on in our hearts.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for stopping by Jane and DiAnn. Stephen was/is a wonderful man and a wonderful writer.

Janet Bly said...

Molly: Enjoyed your article. . .and thanks for the tribute to Steve. Greatly appreciated!

Trinity Rose said...

Stephen was a wonderful friend even to those he never met.
Thanks Molly,
Trinity Rose
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Kaloy said...

Wow, this is so cool! Hmm, I've never seen a water pump I would love to see one.