July 13, 2011

The Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction

Over a week ago, I received notification that my book that released last May, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, has been awarded the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western fiction. This was welcome news.
The letter stated: The Will Rogers Medallion Award is presented each year to those books that represent Outstanding Achievement in the Publishing of Western Literature. Your book exemplifies the combination of excellent content, high production values, and honoring of the Cowboy Heritage that the award was created to acknowledge.
I was indeed honored to receive this recognition.
I don't write books for awards. I write books for readers. But along the way if one of them receives an award, I recognize it as a blessing from God.
And I've gone back to the book I'm writing right now--Mary's Blessing, book two in my McKenna's Daughters series for Charisma House.

An award looks good on a resume, and I'm sure my Charisma House publicist can use the award to help sell my upcoming books with them to bookstore buyers, but what impact do the awards have on readers?
As a reader, do you take note if a book or author has won an award?
Does it affect whether you buy the book, or not?
If you want to read the winning book, you can buy it or download it to a Kindle. If you buy a print book and want a signed copy, email me. I'll mail you a personally signed book plate to put in your book.
Here is the link to buy the print book:

And here is the link to buy the Kindle ebook:

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Rhonda Gibson said...

Congratulations, Lena!