December 01, 2011

THE OVERCOMERS: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities

by Molly Noble Bull, Ginny Aiken, Margaret Daley, Ruth Myers Perrine and Ruth Scofield

Can you imagine what it might be like to push a one hundred pound rock up a hill with nothing but a toothpick? If so, you have some idea how hard it is for a person with LD, learning disabilities, to learn to read and spell ten simple words.
My name is Molly Noble Bull. I am married, a mother of three grown sons, and a grandmother, and my father and grandfather were cowboys. I’m also dyslexic.

The photo above was taken on the Santa Rosa Ranch in South Texas when I was twelve years old. I'm the little girl on the left.

I thought I was the only published novelist in the world with learning problems, and that was not so long ago either. I felt inferior to other authors. Obviously, they were smart while my grades on tests always indicated the opposite.
I’m a born again Christian, and I think the Lord wanted me to tell my secret to the other Christian authors on an e-mail loop I was a part of—tell the entire group that I suffered from learning problems. It took all the nerve I had to send that message.
As soon as I clicked send, I regretted it. Why had I told other authors I respected that I was the dumbest kid in my elementary school? Why had I revealed my secret? What happened next changed my thinking forever.
Counting me, seven published authors from that group of mostly women admitted that they, too, suffered from learning problems. Amazed, I was suddenly no longer alone.
Ronald D. Davis called dyslexia a gift in his book The Gift of Dyslexia: Why Some of the Smartest People Can’t Read and How They Can Learn. Davis stated, “…. no two dyslexics will have exactly the same symptoms,” and he listed several creative people with learning problems on his website including Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo da Vinci and Walt Disney.
Of the seven published novelists with learning problems on my e-mail loop, five are telling their stories in this book. Here are their names—Ginny Aiken, Margaret Daley, Jane Myers Perrine, Ruth Scofield and me, Molly Noble Bull.

With God’s help, all five of us became published authors. We give the Lord the honor and glory for all our accomplishments, and this book is our testimony—an account of how, with God’s helped, each of us found the courage to never give up.
We hope that those with learning problems, their parents and others will also push on and find comfort in learning how we conquered our learning disabilities and continue to overcome. We overcame some serious handicaps, and we are thankful.
But according to the Book of Revelation chapter 2 and verse 7, the true Overcomers will eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. It is our earnest hope that everyone who reads this book will seek and find the Lord first. Then all the other things wished for will be given as well.
Molly Noble Bull is a born again Christian. Married and the mother of three grown sons, she is also a grandmother and a published novelist. She has published with Zondervan, Love Inspired and Tsaba House. However, Tsaba House went out of business before five of her contracted novels were available for publication. This is her first non-fiction book. To find The Overcomers at an online bookstore, write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot.
All five of these multi-published Christian novelists have published with Love Inspired. Margaret Daley and Ginny Aiken are super published Love Inspired authors. The titles of all the novels by these five authors are listed in The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities by Molly Noble Bull, Ginny Aiken, Margaret Daley, Jane Myers Perrine and Ruth Scofield. To find all their books, write their names in the search slot—whether at walk-in bookstores or online.


kimdtaylor said...

My sister is mentally disabled. I know what a challenge life can be, not to mention writing a work of fiction. I am so proud of all of you.

Molly Noble Bull said...

Thanks for writing, Kim. I know how hard it must be to have a sister who is menally disabled, but if she is only mildly so, you might gain a lot in understanding how she feels by reading The Overcomers. It only costs $3.03 at Amazon as an e-book, and it will also come out soon in paperback as well.

Mrs. S said...

I'm headed to Amazon immediately! I am a teacher, a mother to a dyslexic 19 year old in college, and a wife to a dyslexic husband. We were blessed to find the LD group in our state and have some wonderful help from them. I have encountered it over and over in my students, and I know this will be an encouragement! I have often told my son and my students that they are "overcomers", so was so excited to see this title! THANKS so much!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
Thanks for writing. It is so hard for a child to handle the feelings that strangle when one has a problem like Dyslexia. It great to know that you are a teacher and a mother with a heart for those in need. I would love to learn how to find the LD group in my state.