October 18, 2012


333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive

A Book by Rich Johnson and the Editors of Outdoor Life

Reviewed by Molly Noble Bull

Christians don’t study the Mayan calendar to learn the future of planet earth nor do they look to other sources for that kind of information, and this includes Christians who read and write western fiction. Christians read the Bible in order to follow the teachings found in it, and the Holy Bible has a lot to say about the future of mankind as well as the future of the planet.
However on the physical level, there are lists of things to do that could keep a person alive during dangerous times and ways to prepare for whatever disasters might come, and this information would also be of value to western writers—especially those writing historical fiction. A good example of what they might learn is found on the pages of The Ultimate Survival Manual, consisting of questions like those below.
Do you know how to survive in the wilderness? 
Do you know how to prepare for a coming disaster?
Do you know what to do to save yourself and your family after a disaster hits?
And what about urban disasters like terrorism or a nuclear attack? 
What should you do and when should you do it?
When should you prepare?
I cannot give you all 333 lists of survival skills in this short article, but I can tell you that if you buy and read The Ultimate Survival Manual you will have a better chance of getting through it than if you don’t. And if you do the things suggested in the manual, you will have an even better chance.

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