March 13, 2013

The Multi-Tasking Life of an Author

Today is a perfect example of how an author's life is filled with multiple tasks. Here it is at the end of the day, and I haven't gotten to this blog post until now.

What have I been doing, you might ask.

I'm working on a book titled A Heart's Gift. I was just breezing along on chapter thirteen when I realized I needed more information. So I spend quite awhile researching the particular thing I need to finish this chapter.

My grandson had an on-the-job-injury, and he needed my husband to take him to the doctor. That meant I had to get up earlier than usual and fix breakfast. I'm a person who works on schedules. When I am moving along the regular schedule, I do great. But when something interferes with the schedule, everything piles up on me.

I had to download a large number of emails. Answering many of them can be delayed, but there were several emails flying back and forth between my agent and me. One email took me to Facebook, and while I was there, I checked on some people who I'm following.

After my emails with my agent, I needed to stop what I was writing and recheck a former proposal. We want to send it to a couple of different publishers. This is a contemporary general fiction with deep issues and connection to current events. It took a little time to bring it up to date.

I had been contacted by a reviewer who wanted to review a couple of my books on a review site that I had never been on before. Of course, I was glad to hear from her and work out how she could get a copy of each book.

I needed to send interview information to some of the authors who will appear on my blog next week. That took another piece of my time.

Then the Avon lady came with my order. Usually, she sits and visits with me. We pray for each other all the time. However today, she was running just as late as I was, so I met her at the door with her check and came back to the computer.

Soon I must make something for James and me to eat for supper.

And so it goes.

Tell me what sort of things takes the most time out of your day.


Writing Prompts Crew said...

The unexpected messes me up. I occasionally babysit my granddaughters and it drives me crazy when my daughter shows up an hour early. Not that I don't want to see them, but I schedule my writing time. I asked my daughter, the beautician, what if her customers showed up an hour early?

Molly Noble Bull said...

I hate to stop in the middle of something and have to do something else. It takes forever to get back to where I was before I was sidetracked; so I know what Lena means. Hope your grandson is okay, Lena.